About Me

I work as a freelance web developer with experience in all aspects of online systems. I offer a range of online solutions for businesses and indiviuals, big and small to ensure they have the most effective online presense as possible.

I always strive to provide a high quality end product to my clients, so get in touch below and we can have a chat about your new site! I look forward to hearing from you to discuss your fresh, tailored and modern website.



We provide a custom website design service to create a unique site for your business.

Email Management

We can provide a personalised email service for you along with your very own webmail client.


Make your site live to your customers with our blazing fast website hosting!

Repairs & Updates

If your site is old and outdated, we can repair and update the content for you!


Please find below some examples of our work!

West of Scotland Indoor Bowling Club

Affinity Loans

Shine Marketing & Advertisments

Macdonald Kitchens

The Golfers Friend

VantiCraft Community Forums


Every website is unique, therefore, the best way to get an understanding of what your site will cost you, we recommend you contact us using he form below!

If you are interested in getting your website up and running, contact us with basic information regarding what you need and we will provide you with a quote based on your development needs and customisation.

Your Website is Waiting For You!

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If you need to contact us about our services, portfolio etcetera, please feel free to fill in the contact form and one of our representatives will respond. We try to reply to all emails in under 36 hours to continue our high quality service.

If you are contacting us about a quote or a package above, each client has specific needs, so please let us know exactly what you would like so we know what the best options are for your business!

You can also email our team: hello@smithscotland.com